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Author Topic: Sophia de Monterey (Traveller)  (Read 1902 times)

January 31, 2012, 02:08:36 PM
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Sophia de Monterey:
Str: 5
Dex: 7
End: 7
Int: 9
Edu: 8
Soc: A

age: 26
Appearance: Lithe, average height, long black hair with brown eyes.

Admin: 0
Advocate: 0
Carouse: 0
Comms: 0
Computer: 0
Diplomacy: 1
Gambler: 0
Language: 1 (T'zlodh)
Investigate: 0
Melee (blade): 0
Persuade: 1

Background: Sophia was born on the first of Curgi's inhabited worlds, a very high tech republic with over 30 billion inhabitants. Her Grandfather is the current Baron de Monterey, who runs Curgi from his estate on the world of Sophia's birth. Her father is next in line, with his brothers coming after him. Sophia is a long way towards the bottom of the pile, but she has a Great-Aunt who dotes on her and her only brother, and both are popular with the Great-Aunts husband, a Fleet Admiral in the Imperial Navy. Her early life on Curgi was spent in relative comfort on Curgi, where she learnt the proper etiquette for parties and for court, as well as how to use a computer properly.

Dilletanti: As a young noblewoman, Sophia had little to look forward to other than luxury and easy life. She met a young Darrian outcast as a teen and spent a year travelling with him and a friend of her brothers, before he decided to leave her. It was then that she picked up her knowledge of the Darrian language. Her brothers friend, meanwhile, taught her to gamble, and she shocked her family with her knowledge of cards and odds upon her return home. A few years of home were arranged, as it was decided she was becoming too free spirited. However, while on her home-world, a conspiracy of minor nobles who ranked below even her father tried to recruit her into their schemes. Deceiving them, she gave them up to the authorities and was richly rewarded by her Grandfather.

Mercantilism: Her reward came in the form of her own merchant ship. It was not paid for, and she would have to earn money by trading for it, but it was all hers. Of course, occasionally Sophia suspects that she was given the ship to get her out of Curgi and away from where she could do some damage. Even so, the ship is hers. She's not been doing it for long, but she thinks there's a future in it.

Sophia has used most of the funds her family gave her to trade for cargoes, but some remains. She bought a large wardrobe to take travelling with her, as well as a beautifully crafted rapier. As well as these are two more hidden objects, a boot knife and a small pistol, neither of which should show up on weapon scanners. Sophia might be a little naive, but she know's the galaxy is dangerous...

A favourite character of mine, and essentially the basis for several other characters, of which I think one might have appeared here... either way, she's the character I play in Traveller, starting in 2008.
She was originally called de Rosa, but I changed the surname for the game she's currently in, and I like it better... so she is presented here under that name.
Writer: The Only Good Bug...